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Nicola Willis is a List MP based in Wellington and is National’s spokesperson for Education and Early Childhood Education, having entered Parliament in April 2018. She is a member of the Education and Workforce Select Committee and has previously served on the Regulations Review Committee.

Prior to becoming an MP Nicola held a number of senior management roles at New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra.  Her work at Fonterra included leadership of the business’s global trade strategy team, permanent membership of the global incident management team, operational management of Fonterra-owned farms and work on a number of major projects alongside Fonterra’s global customers, manufacturing teams and farmer shareholders. Nicola also served on the boards of Export NZ and policy think-tank the New Zealand Initiative.

Nicola was a senior advisor to Prime Minister John Key during his first term in Government, having been a member of his winning 2008 campaign team, a senior advisor during his time as Leader of the Opposition and a researcher for then opposition education spokesperson Bill English.

She has also worked in a number of small businesses including jobs selling shoes, clothes and bagels. 

Nicola is a proud graduate of Victoria University of Wellington with a first-class honours degree in English literature. She was a successful university debater, captaining teams and competing around the world.  She grew up in Wellington, and today she lives there with her husband Duncan and their four children aged 4,7, 9 and 10.