Coronavirus Update - I'm Here to Help

I know many of you are feeling anxious about the health and livelihoods of your families and communities right now. I am determined to be available to you as a source of information, advocacy, connection and support. I have suspended my planned campaign activities so I can focus on these duties. 


Contact me anytime: [email protected] or 04 817 9338.

I am here to serve you so here are some ways I can help:

Health Information & Advice

The most up to date health information on the coronavirus is available at this Ministry of Health website:

More general information about New Zealand’s efforts to address the virus and its impact can be found here: 

If you are having difficulty navigating these websites or have unanswered questions please contact me directly.

Support for the isolated & vulnerable

Many of our community are feeling isolated and vulnerable right now. Some don’t have access to the internet and may need additional information or help with deliveries, food or other services. If you are concerned for a community member or relative please let me know so I can give them a call, provide support directly or help connect them with some of the incredible people and organisations, like the student volunteer army, already gearing-up to help. If you or anyone you know is feeling overwhelmed and needs to talk to a trained counsellor they can free call/text 1737.

Business & Employment Support

The Government has released a package of financial support for businesses and employees, contractors and the self-employed. Information on the support that may be available to you is available here:

If you are concerned you “fall between the gaps” or are having difficulty accessing support please contact me so I can help navigate and advocate for you. The Government has acknowledged there will be a need for a second phase of support, so I will be working to ensure Ministers have your feedback on what that should look like.

Community Connection & Co-ordination

I am in touch with community leaders and support groups, so if you want to know what support may be available in your neighbourhood, please let me know and I will connect you. I am impressed by the efforts of so many already to provide moral and practical support to local neighbours and communities.

Early Childhood Education specific concerns

As National’s Early Childhood Education spokesperson, I’m determined to be a source of information and advocacy for parents and early childhood services with concerns about what the virus means for you, your teachers and your service. Information is available here: and if you have further concerns or questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Virtual Meetings & Doorknocking

I won’t be at the usual community events so I will be reaching out to you directly and making myself available in other ways, including “Virtual Doorknocking” and Facebook Live meetings. I will be updating you on these events on this page. But please as always, don’t wait for these events to contact me.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns that fall outside the areas listed above, just contact me. My support is available to everyone: The ripples of this unfolding pandemic are deep, wide and being felt by all of us, from kids to grand-parents to neighbours, you are not alone in your anxiety and concern.

It’s important we support each other during this difficult time and I am determined to fulfil my representative duties to you.


Kia kaha and ngā mihi,