The end of the 52nd Parliament... bring on the 53rd!

Today marked the last sitting of the 52nd Parliament, meaning the official 2020 campaign is a go! 


It has been a great honour to serve in this House for the past two and a half years. According to my team I have:

- asked more than 1300 written questions;

- asked 26 questions in question time;

- Given nearly 170 speeches in the house; opposing the Government when it did bad things (like abolishing Partnership Schools) and speaking in support when it did the occasional good thing (like passing pay equity law)

- Attended nearly 100 select committee meetings; hearing from hundreds of passionate New Zealanders with the conviction to come to Parliament and have their say.

- Presented 3 petitions to Parliament on behalf of community groups.

I’ve spoken in this House to hold the Government to account for its failures to deliver on almost every measure it set for itself, from KiwiBuild to light rail to child poverty. I’ve spoken on the detail of new laws and watched sometimes despairingly at the Government’s inability to fulfil its promises.

I successfully advocated for changes to Kiwisaver legislation, allowing people with life-shortening conditions to access their savings earlier.

It was also in this House where I led advocacy for Wellington bus users who were suffering from the catastrophic changes to the bus network by the regional council.

Where I discovered Julie Anne Genter’s secret letter to Phil Twyford that has pushed Wellington’s transport future back a decade or more.

Where I spoke up about Wellington KiwiBuild buyers let down by delays and helped them get their deposits back.

And where I successfully stood up for Victoria University students having an unwanted name change forced upon them. We’ve now changed the law so that can’t happen without Parliamentary consent.

The list goes on and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Of course, a lot of my job happens outside this chamber: helping people with challenges in their lives - doing small things in my role as an MP that makes a big difference to them. Attending community events, visiting more than 80 incredible early childhood services and talking to the wonderful educators within them, listening to the concerns of families, seniors and representatives from all walks of life. Working on policy for the future and representing National at forums across the country.

I enjoy all of it. I am grateful to the National Party for selecting me as their representative and to the New Zealanders who gave us the Party Votes that created space for me here (a little late in the term, but better late than never). I’m grateful to my team and all the people inside and outside this building who support me.

While my Parliamentary debating duties are finished for the term, I will be out campaigning hard in Wellington and around the country to ensure the National Party gets the support we need to lead the next Government and deliver more jobs and a better economy for our country.

If you are able to help volunteer on my campaign, please let me know here. I have 20,000 leaflets that need delivering over the next few weeks, so any help you can provide is much appreciated. National wouldn't be able to fight this election without dedicated volunteers helping us every step of the way.

With your support, I’ll be back and sitting with my colleagues on the Government benches. So let’s go out and win this election.