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National’s Wellington Central candidate Nicola Willis says National's resilience focus and commitment to a low-debt track means the Government would be able to afford to rebuild Wellington should the city suffer a large earthquake.

The Deloitte "Forgotten Impact" report released today has led to suggestions that the cost of rebuilding Wellington after a large earthquake would be too much for the country to bear.

"Wellingtonians should be assured that National has our back. We are committed to Wellington's resilience. Our strong economic management approach means we could rebuild Wellington if the big one struck,” Ms Willis says.  

"Our plan to reduce government debt to 20 per cent of GDP by 2020/21 and then to 10 to 15 per cent by 2025 means we would have the capacity to borrow and rebuild should a big earthquake happen in the future.

"The risk of a a big event in future is a reminder why National's careful economic management is so important. 

"New Zealand can afford the fix-up bill, as long as we maintain a strong economy which generates a fiscal surplus to pay down debt so we have the capacity to borrow and rebuild.

"Wellingtonians' concerned about out city's reliance should be clear:  only National has the prudent approach needed to get us going again should a big quake strike

“I’m proud to be campaigning for a National Government that is committed to a resilient Wellington future.”

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