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We’ve been back in Parliament this fortnight, debating legislation and holding the Government to account. An example of this has been the disturbing decision by the Immigration Minister to grant residency to Karel Sroubek.

Sroubek is a violent gang associate who entered New Zealand on a fake passport; went on to import huge volumes of illegal drugs into our country; and has been serving time in prison.  He should be sent home to the Czech Republic. What does the Government do? Grants him residency in New Zealand. Worse, they won’t tell us why. We’ve been asking questions about this in Parliament and will continue to pursue answers. 

I’ve been out and about in Wellington and around the country. Here are some highlights.

Read on for updates on my work inside and outside of Parliament.

Wellington Bus Update

Last week in Parliament we heard from Wellington bus operators and the bus drivers union. They told us they’d warned the Regional Council the bus changes were too big too fast - but the Council went ahead anyway. Very disappointing that the government has not interevened in this mess quicker.

Read Stuff Article Here

Springload Visit 

Springload is a fast-growing Wellington digital business on a mission. Their work covers everything from design to analytics and AI - always with a human-focus and with a purpose to do good in the world. A real pleasure to speak with CEO Bron Thomson about what’s next: big things to come from this smart Wellington business.

Axe the Fuel Tax.

Record-high petrol prices, tax-hike this week, two more confirmed and our major roading projects on hold. And the so-called Auckland fuel-tax? We’re paying more at the pump in Wellington than they are.

Had enough of rising petrol taxes? Sign our petition below to make them stop.

Sign the Petition Here

We've launched a petition calling for the Government to axe its new fuel taxes. The average New Zealand household is now paying record prices for fuel and $200 a year more in petrol taxes. That’s too much and the costs are only going to increase. The Government needs to provide immediate relief by axing its taxes.

Potluck with Politicians

Thanks to Laura, Maddie, Josh, Caitlin, Kate and Ayla who hosted me and Chris Bishop for Potluck with Politicians this week. A really lovely group of people. Seven Sharp came along to see how it rolled and did hush-hush interviews / food reviews with flatties off-camera. Fingers crossed my lasagne did OK.

Watch Interview Here

Mt Vic Residents' Morning Tea


Who doesn’t love a home-made cheese scone? I hosted a well-attended community catch-up in Mt Vic last Friday. Thanks to “Superblues” James and Colleen for baking and helping-out.

Zealandia Electric Vans

I joined the folk at Zealandia a few weeks ago for the launch of their 100% electric vans. Exciting to see this green technology being embraced.

They may well end up being the most reliable bus service in Wellington!

Partnership School Closure

I was sad to see Labour cancel Partnership Schools a few weeks ago, and spoke on it. in the House. Our mainstream school system has failed too many young people for too long. The Partnership model was making a difference for hundreds of families. Labour’s one-size-fits-all approach is wrong. We should embrace innovation and back what works.

Watch My Speech Here

I will also be holding my next regular constituency clinic on Friday the 30th of November at the Karori Community Centre from 10:30am to 11:30pm. If you have any issues you think I may be able to support you with in my role as a List MP, or have ideas on where we can improve as a city, I would love to hear from you. Details on my future catch ups are below.

Wellington Central Library 

- Friday 7 December (Meeting Room 1) - 9:30am-10:30am

Karori Community Centre, Room 4 

- Friday 30 November - 10:00am-11:30am

- Friday 16 December - 9:30am-10:30am  

I’m continuing to enjoy getting out and about in the Wellington community and I’m always keen to be involved in local events. If you know of any local community events I should attend, please do not hesitate to let me know.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.

Ngā mihi,


Nicola Willis MP
List MP Based in Wellington

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