Release the list!

Where is the list of “shovel-ready” construction projects for Wellington? I’m calling on the Government to release the list of projects for fast-track.
Around the country, hundreds of millions are being spent on infrastructure projects to support jobs as our economy heads into recession. Wellington submitted a list of potential projects in April but we haven’t heard anything since then. Not a single project has been confirmed for our city.
This is typical of the inaction we’ve seen from Labour on Wellington’s infrastructure needs. We are yet to see a single “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” project completed, with essential projects like expanding the Mt Vic tunnel delayed into the never-never. Meanwhile, 13,676 Wellingtonians are now out of work and on the JobSeeker benefit.
This is the time for backing our construction industry, creating jobs and future-proofing infrastructure. National will get the diggers moving, invest in Wellington infrastructure and get people back to work.