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National List MP based in Wellington Central Nicola Willis says Victoria University should quit spinning and listen to the students, alumni and staff who overwhelmingly oppose its name-change proposal.

“Documents released today show 75 per cent of submissions received by the University on its name change opposed the proposal.

“This backs-up what online polls, petitions and Wellingtonians have already told me.

“The University should dump this ill-conceived and unpopular idea. 

“It’s disappointing to see the University has engaged in a disingenuous spin campaign rather than listening to its community.

“Vic Uni appears to have released cherry-picked statistics to media outlets in an effort to drum up support for their plan. The truth is most students and alumni are opposed to this change.

“Even if the University Council finalises this recommendation next week the Minister of Education has the final say. The Minister cannot sign-off on the change without proof of “demonstrable support” from staff, students and graduates. The Minister must reject this idea. 

“As a Vic graduate I, like many Wellingtonians, feel strongly about this and will keep fighting it. We should stick with Vic.”

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